13-15/12/2023 Learning and Teaching Expo

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Elite Anglo Chinese Services (EliteACS) was founded in 2012 by Eve Leung, who has been living in the UK for over 25 years. EliteACS offers a comprehensive range of education services, including study tours, summer and holiday camps, school consultancy, guardianship services, and university advisory for parents, students, and school.


EliteACS is going to offer a one to one session with anyone interested with UK education, either considering study abroad, university application, preparing going to UK. Eve is a famous education column writer and education specialist, specifically working with Hong Kong students in the last 12 years.


2024 Summer and Holiday camps in UK 2024 夏令营和假期营

Since 2013, Eve and her team has been providing UK summer and holiday experience for students who is interested to have a taste in British culture and language. Student can choose from 2 programmes, the aspiration camp at Oxford University or a British boarding school experience in our partner schools.