With over 12 years of experience in guardianship services and a finalist for the Best International Student Support award in 2022, we have a proven track record of understanding the needs of our students.

For the academic year 2023-24, we are thrilled to introduce our third annual half-term camp. Our camp is designed with students in mind, providing round-the-clock care in an environment they know and trust. From excellent food to great company, we ensure that every aspect of the camp meets the standards our families expect.

The Worth School

Royal Masonic School for Girls

Holiday Camp from 2023

Introduction of Worth School

Introduction of Royal Masonic School for girls

Holiday Camp Site

The Worth School

We will be based at the Worth School, 15 mins from Gatwick Airport and M23 motorway, It is conveniently situated for easy transport from all around UK. Only 1 hour away from popular areas such as Brighton, Eastbourne and Canterbury. The boarding house are well maintained, with the Oct half-term providing all ensuite rooms and Feb half-term shared facilities.
All students can choose to have a single or twin shared room. Sports Hall, indoor and outdoor sports area, self-study area are all included in this exclusive location. Sunday Mass also available onsite for students who attends mass every week.

Royal Masonic School for Girls

Royal Masonic School for girls hs the best geographical location that all boarding students want. It is situated in London with Metropolitan Line taking you back to Central London within 40 minutes. It is walkable to the station from the school and with Harrow and Wembley among its stops. Many students and parents see this with the best of both worlds to provide the perfect holiday.
We have chosen the Sixth Form house – Connaught house for our stay. All students will be upgraded to a single room in this half-term Camp.

The Worth School

Royal Masonic School for Girls

About our camp

Free Time

Half-term always means relax and taking over of your time. Therefore our camp is aimed for those who needs to relax and reenergise after a hectic term and refresh before going back. Student can choose to join activities and if they choose to study or remain in campus, our staff will always be with them to ensure they are well.


We will have our on-site exclusive minibus taking students free into town and train station during the camp. Student can do their own shopping and buy essentials whenever they need. Transport arrangements will be organized on behalf of school, parents and guardians.


All students will enjoy sports, such as basketball, badminton, ping pong, football etc during the camp. Also we are able to provide group and individual study areas. Hot Pot, weekly Chinese restaurant trips will also be included in the camp fee without extra charges.


Our staff whom has DBS, paediatric training and safeguarding training will be on site 24/7 staying and living with students. Daily Roll call will also be part of our activities to ensure everyone’s safety. Parents can contact us by whatsapp or wechat to ensure messages are passed on in time. Staff to student ratio is as low as 1:10

Timetable (reference only)

    • All the sports hall activities will be supervised by qualified gym instructors/ teachers.

    • ●  All the activities can be replaced by self study or self arranged activities.

    • ●  Transport to and from local towns or train station ins included free

    • ●  Juice and snacks are provided
      in boarding house free of charge



Full Board Accommodation and three meals
Wifi network
Acitivities and use of the facilities (including sports hall, theatre,

boarding games and outdoor football pitch etc)
Weekly laundry
24/7 onsite staff supervision with emergency handling Transport between Ricksmanworth Station and School 1 free meal outside school in restaurant
Yummy Chinese Hot pot farewell dinner

Does not include

x Take away Food
x Private tutoring or other extra activities x Arrival and Departure transport

£35/day Supervised tuition (Morning and afternoon)


Non Eliteacs students

Are welcome to join our holiday camp. We will ask £150 for temporary guardianship fee including transport (quote in advanced)


IELTS English tuition

We can arrange private tution, including English IELTS Lesson GCSE and A-level tuition

Single room supplement

Free for May half-term camp

otherwise £10/day

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