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Elite Anglo-Chinese Services is a guardianship agency, imagine having a dedicated teacher throughout your child’s journey

Elite Anglo-Chinese 提供多元化的英國監護人服務,提供來自香港,澳門,中國的監護人服務,有熟悉英國教育的一對一負責人幫忙協助子女成長之旅

BSA AND AEGIS accredited

Elite obtained the Boarding Schools’ Association’s Credited Guardianship Scheme and AEGIS Gold member status in 2020


We provide home kit and in school covid testing for students and general public

Best results

Elite will follow your child’s journey from the beginning and make sure they will achieve their best results and full potential

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7, online, by phone, by whatsapp, by wechat

Over 15 years of experience

Our staff are either teacher trained or has direct experience with UK education


Our Services 服務範圍


Each Elite student will get our individual advice and guidance from a dedicated staff member from the choice of schools, host family, down to subject choices and university applications


Your UK experience

Every family and each student is unique. At Elite we will look after each student and their individual needs. Our aim at Elite is to make sure that each students’ UK experience is positive and memorable.

No problem is a problem 

We understand many families begin their journey in the UK with their personal needs. We are based in UK and Asia and can answer any questions about life and culture in UK.

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We only provide one to one consultation. Please contact us if you would like an initial free consultation for your education needs