Dear All Parents

The Easter Holiday begins very shortly, and schools are closing after 26th March, we want to bring your attention:

  1. If you need to arrange Transport for coming back after Easter Holiday, please provide your flight details as soon as possible
  2. As we need to organise rooming arrangements, those who would like to join our Hotel quarantine, please email us asap
  3. You need to take at least 3 testings for coming back to the UK. If you want us to arrange your testing, please go to this URL for registration:
  • If you receive your school Jan bill, and yet to paid as you are awaiting your discount, please make sure you paid before the end of term. The majority of the schools are providing a discount to the Summer term bill instead of applying the discount to the Jan school bill. If you do not pay in time, you might lose your school place or even your visa will be cancelled. Some schools are providing tuition fees support, and if applicable, please notify the school before the start of next term
  • If you decide not to return for school in the Summer term, you can get a guardianship fee discount if you notify us by 31st March. Any notification after such date will not be entitled to the fee discount

Also, we want to remind all students who are still in Hong Kong to check their emails frequently. Many schools have started face to face teaching and there might be a lack of communications for those who choose to carry on online teaching. Students should contact the teacher directly, and interact with your teachers to assess their grades. All schools will calculate the online lesson attendance rate, and those who cannot attend lessons should notify the school for leave of absence. If required, you can ask for our assistance.

  • As the UK government cancelled A-Level and GCSE, those who are in Year 11 and 13 will be assessed by internal gradings. The school needs to provide the evidence by end of May, for more information, please check:

  • For those students who decide not to return, and you have belongings left in your school. The majority of the school will safe-keep them. If required, you can ask for our assistance with storage and transfers.
  • All end of term report is published. If you need advice on academic performance, please contact us
  • Guardianship invoice is being issued at the time if this Mailchimp publication. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

We wish you a peaceful and happy Easter Holiday



         1. 如果要安排復活節假期間回校的交通,請盡快提供航班資料

2. 由於要安排人手,需要參加我們酒店隔離的同學,請盡快以電郵通知

3. 現時抵達英國,需要最少3次檢測,如4月初回校,需要我們安排,請以下列連結登記。

4. 家長如已收到學費單,上學期的費用減免,應已計入這期學費單內,請盡快處理,免致被追加費用, 或甚至失去學位簽證。學校也有提供個別學費資助,如果有需要,請在4月假期結束前聯絡學校商討。

5. 如果決定下學期不回英國,家長最遲在3月31日前通知我們,才可享有監護費折扣優惠,逾期恕不受理。

另外,請提醒選擇留港的學生,開學前準時查看學校電郵,現時學校以面授為主,對網課學生可能兼顧少了,學生應主動聯絡老師,多點互動,以免影響成績。而每家學校都會計算網上上課出席率,如無法上課 也需要通知學校請假,這方面我們也可以代為處理。

6. 由於英國政府取消了A-LEVEL及GCSE,對11及13年級學生的評核改為以校內成績為本,學校將於5月底向政府遞交學生的校內成績,有關詳情請瀏覽以下連結:

7. 處理留校物品 – 大部分學校將保留或儲存留校物品;如果今年學年結束後將會轉校的學生,可以聯絡我們代為處理留在校內的物品 。

8. 第二學期成績表 – 家長應已收到第二學期成績表,如須要提供意見,可聯絡我們。

9. 監護人賬單已陸續發出, 請各位家長留意。祝大家有一個平安、愉快的復活節假期!