COVID Testing for all passengers (HK / Macau included)

Sample of our UKAS certificate

School PCR travel testing specialist

We are the only school PCR specialist with 100% success rate with our PCR testing for all nationality passengers. Including: Liberia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Macau, Kenya, the Carribean etc

The test

We offer either Swap or Saliva test. Both test are acceptable for travel purpose.

The Lab standard

The test is conducted with UKAS and ISO certified and accredited, in the laboratory that is approved by the Medical and Healthcare Council, CDC-Approved, FDC EUA approved. All results will come with a doctor’s letter detailing the time of sample taken, UKAS certificate and ISO number

About the COVID Test

How Do I receive it?

All kit will be posted by 2pm GMT if request on the same day. All kit will come with pre-paid tracked 24 envelopes for returning the sample

Turnaround time

We offer two pricing depending on the turnaround time. We offer 48 hours or 24 hours delivery for test results

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, please let us know by emailing us on

When shall I book my test

The most ideal would be to book 2 weeks in advance.

Contact us

Please speak to us if you want a more personalised testing and travel planning for your Hong Kong, Macau or Chinese students

Further information

For the most up to date guidelines on travelling to China, please check: and