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13-15/12/2023 Learning and Teaching Expo

13-15/12/2023 Learning and Teaching Expo

Profile : Elite Anglo Chinese Services (EliteACS) was founded in 2012 by Eve Leung, who has been living in the UK for over 25 years. EliteACS offers a comprehensive range of education services, including study tours, summer and holiday camps, school consultancy,...

BSA 大學資訊日

BSA 大學資訊日 90957-BSA-uni-programmeDownload Loading… 即時免費升學諮詢 👉🏻 聯絡我們...

活動: 新家長開學zoom

日期: 2022年3月12日 時間: 8:30pm HKT (12:30PM GMT) Zoom 連結: 請聯絡你的負責人獲取獨家連結 簡介: 這次網上交流會將會...



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