COVID General testing (At Home)

Sample of our UKAS certificate

Why do I need General Testing

Many Schools or workplace requires you take a private test before entering premises or being on a project. We offer a quick turnaround testing, and you can do the test at the comfort of your home without going to any clinics.

PCR Swap Test

These are accepted by majority of all destinations apart from UAE. Hong Kong government accepts PCR test, including RT-PCR which we use in this test. We have both test available, and customer can request for specific type of testing if preferred

The Lab standard

The test is conducted with UKAS and ISO certified and accredited, in the laboratory that is approved by the Medical and Healthcare Council, CDC-Approved, FDC EUA approved. All results will come with a doctor’s letter detailing the time of sample taken, UKAS certificate and ISO number

About the COVID Test

Who else uses this test?

This test is offered to and by British Airways for testing. Many boarding schools also use this test for mass testing on their students.

Turnaround time

90% of our results are ready in 36 hours from the time you did your test at home. We guaranteed a 48 hours turnaround time (from the results arriving at the lab)

How to take the test

 Your kit will include a simple sample collection device with comprehensive instructions on how to complete your test in just a few minutes. Once you have correctly taken your sample, simply follow the instructions and return the sample to our lab using the pre-paid postage bag included in the test kit.

At Home Kit

Students are able to do this either under the supervision of a nurse or by themselves. 

Ordering and receiving the test kit

If you are flying, please order and pay for the test kit in good time. We suggest to buy this 1 week in advance . The kit will be sent out and should be received by the school within 24 hours if you order before  before 11am Mon to Friday. You need to state when you order, whether the kit should be sent to the medical centre or directly to the boarding house.

Sending back the results

All test kit will include a special delivery pre-paid parcel bag to send back to the lab. It will arrive the next day. We also offer a specialised same day courier service to pick up sample from anywhere within 3 hours travel from London

Getting the results

Once we have processed your test, you will receive the results by email. If your test is negative, please print and save the certificate for travel purposes.  If you test is positive, the laboratory patient representative will contact you and your school will advise your next step. You should cancel your travel plans and isolate.

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Are we accredited?

We are the Boarding school association accredited COVID-19 supplier and you can find our listing here: